The public transportation system in Vienna

Vienna Public Transportation System

Vienna is famous for many things, but one thing that often goes unnoticed is its amazing public transportation system. You literally can use it to explore the city cheap, fast and efficient.

  • Wiener Linien is the municipal transport authority
  • Their tickets and passes cover all city train and subway services and nearly all tram and bus services
  • Buy network passes for cheap, peace-of-mind travel
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Travel update:

  • At the time of writing, FFP2-standard face masks are required when using public transport in Vienna

What you need to know

Tickets and Fares

If you are planning on using the public transportation system make sure to get a ticket before from one of the ticket offices or ticket machines (located at the main stations), via the app or at any “Trafik” – the german word for newsagents or tobacconists. Some trams also have a ticket machine inside, but don’t rely on them since they are often out of service and some may only available in german.

In addition, make sure to validate your ticket before/ while entering any tram, bus or metro. Some tickets don’t need to be stamped so read the instruction on the ticket carefully.

Buses and Trams have validation machines on board while in trains and the underground system you have to validate your ticket before entering the platform!

Single ticket (Einzelfahrt)

A single ticket is validated for one trip from any location to any other location. You are allowed to change to any other bus, tram or train as needed, without any pause.

Buy a single ticket

24/48/72-hour network card (24/48/72 Stunden Wien)

As their name suggests these tickets are valid for the period selected. The time period starts at the moment of validation. It allows you to use any kind of public transportation within city limits. Currently the price for a 72-hour network card is equal to the costs of a 7 day network card (see below). So we advice you to the get the 7 day ticket instead throught the Wiener Linien ticket store online.

Buy a 24/48/72-hour network card

7-day network card (7-Tage-Klimakarte)

This ticket has 7 stripes each one allowing you to use public transportation for 1 day (once stamped it is valid until 1am on the following day). These are not consecutive days so you will be able to stamp a strip only when you need it. You are allowed to stamp two strips on the same day, using the same ticket for two people (alternatively three strips for three people etc.). Just make sure you start with the strip with the number 1!

Buy a 7day network card

Weekly network pass (Wochenkarte)

The weekly pass allows you to travel from Monday to 9am the following Monday. If you buy the pass online you can define the start of the 7-day period, however it will only be valid for a named person.

The weekly pass does not require stamping.

Monthly network pass (Monatskarte)

The monthly pass allows you to travel during the current calendar month and the first two days of the next month. Again, if you buy the pass online you can define the start of the 31-day period, however it will only be valid for a named person.

The monthly pass does not require stamping.

365-day pass (365-Tageskarte = Jahreskarte)

If you move permanently to Vienna, the annual pass costs €1 a day – 365€ for 1 year.

What ticket should I get?

The right answer to this question will depend mainly on the time you will spend in vienna and how often you are going to use its public transport system. From our experience the most useful tickets for tourists are:

  • Single ticket (if you just need to take one trip)
  • 24/48 hour tickets
  • 7-day tickets

Another alternative you might want to look into is the Vienna City Card. It is specifically designed as a travel pass for tourists. It not only includes a 24, 48 or 72-hour network travel card for the public transportation system, but also qualifies you for various discounts. In fact, just about anywhere you’re likely to visit, watch or see offers some kind of small reduction with the Vienna City Card.

*Take a look at the  Wiener Linien homepage for up-to-date details on ticket alternatives, prices, conditions, etc..

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