Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Vienna

As a tourist in Vienna, you will be able to find free WiFi in various public locations such as cafes, restaurants, libraries, and public squares. You may also be able to find free WiFi in your hotel or accommodations, or at tourist information centers. Some cities also offer free public WiFi in certain areas, so […]

Vienna Airport to Vienna City Center – Best options

How to get from Vienna Airport to Vienna City Center

Our recommendation – Getting To Vienna from the Airport: The fastest and most comfortable way to get to the airport is with the City Airport Transfer. Take some extra minutes to check-in your luggage at the CAT Terminal to avoid airport chaos. We highly recommend CAT as it is extremely reliable, convenient, and price-wise acceptable. […]

The public transportation system in Vienna

Vienna Public Transportation System

Vienna is famous for many things, but one thing that often goes unnoticed is its amazing public transportation system. You literally can use it to explore the city cheap, fast and efficient. Wiener LinienĀ is the municipal transport authority Their tickets and passes cover all city train and subway services and nearly all tram and bus […]